First share – sending health imaging records online

First share – sending health imaging records online

August 28, 2018 About & Help 0

Sharing my health records online? Use ShareMyXray to send all your medical imaging, not just Xrays, to the next specialist you’re going to see.

Your specialist needs your clinical imaging as part of your follow-up healthcare, so this enables you to move freely between institutions.


1. Click the ‘+Connect‘ button

In the pop-up, type the name of your local hospital/clinic in the search bar

Searching for Portsmouth based clinics


2a. If your institution is listed…

  1. Click the green ‘+’ button alongside the institution name


2b. If your institution isn’t there…

  1. Click ‘Connect with new Site‘ button and follow the prompts.
  2. Use the email address from your appointment letter – often your clinician, or their secretary’s email.



3. Send your medical imaging

  1. In the connection success message that appears, click ‘Send a study
  2. Pick your study in the next dialog and click ‘Send

New connection success message


Images on CD?

Upload images from CD so you can send them in advance of your appointment. By doing this, the institution has time to properly file your images in the hospital system. Specialists won’t have time do to this if you simply hand them a CD.

Buttons on study list screen, with upload study highlighted

Upload images from CD or USB

  1. Find a computer with a CD drive, eg an old PC, or at your local library
  2. Log in, click ‘Upload’ and follow the prompts

Upload CD – full instructions


Good to know

  1. It is helpful to let the institution know you’ve sent your medical imaging online. A quick phone call ensures their ShareMyXray notification has been received and doesn’t get missed in their spam folder.
  2. You can also send several studies at a time using the main Studies screen. Select all of the studies first, then click ‘Send to‘ and choose the destination.