Remote Reporting with ShareMyXray

Remote Reporting with ShareMyXray

August 15, 2018 About & Help 0

Add report

Review the clinical request details. Then add the report – click the cog on the far left of the study and select ‘Add Report’, as shown above.

Verify Report

Enter the report text. When completed, click ‘Verify, Save and Return‘.

If using VR (Voice Recognition), check the patient demographics match the imaging being reported, then place focus in the text box before starting dictation.

Verify, Save and Return‘ returns the report back to the original sender of the images, and automatically notifies them they have results for review.

If the report isn’t completed, you can save a draft for later review by clicking ‘Save as Unverified’. This is useful for reports transcribed by medical secretaries that are reviewed by a clinician prior to returning them.

Note the report is not sent back to the sender of the images until ‘Verify, Save and Return’ is clicked.