Uploading Images to ShareMyXray

Uploading Images to ShareMyXray

August 14, 2018 About & Help 0

Upload images from CD so you can send them in advance of your appointment. By doing this, the institution has time to properly file your images in the hospital system.

Specialists won’t have time do to this if you simply hand them a CD.

1. Log in, click ‘Upload Study

Buttons on study list screen, with upload study highlighted

Upload study button


2. Drag and drop your images onto the upload window

Upload DICOM study dialog box
Optional: If you prefer a file picker instead of drag-and-drop, click on ‘Choose DICOM files‘ and select your images.

Good to know

  • You can pick a destination before uploading, so you don’t need to wait. The study will send as soon as upload has finished.
  • You can browse to and select any folder – useful if you’re logged in from your PACS or modality workstation
  • You can browse to the CD/DVD or USB drive if you have them on a CD or USB
  • DICOM files most often end in .img or .dcm, such as the .dcm example below