Fulfilling Requests with ShareMyXray

Fulfilling Requests with ShareMyXray

March 1, 2022 About & Help 0

Requests can be a request for imaging from patients, or another hospital or clinic asking for a patient’s imaging. If you want to request imaging, please see Requesting Imaging.

Data Protection laws in most countries allow patients to request their own imaging. In the UK and the EU specifically, these “GDPR” regulations mean a patient may request in any reasonable format – they’re not obliged to use the hospital’s forms, or accept an unwanted format such as physical CDs.

The fulfillment process checks patient identifiers, which reduces the chance of human error causing the wrong patient’s images to be sent out.

Quickstart Request Fulfilment

Log in to ShareMyXray and click the ‘Requests‘ button on the top row

  • You will see all requests made to you in the ‘Requests to action’ panel
  • Click the relevant row to preview the Request
  • For Patient requests, click View Contact Info to check their identity
    • Contact them to validate they are really that patient and have permission to the images
    • Update patient identifiers as needed to match the identifiers used on your hospital system
    • Click Next to proceed to fulfillment
  • For requests from another institution, click Next to proceed to fulfillment
    • For unknown sites, you may wish to click View Contact Info, and contact them to validate their right to the patient’s images
  • Next, export DICOM imaging from your Modality or PACS, and drag and drop to upload this imaging
    • Once uploaded, click the Check images button
  • Check all images are included, then click the green Send studies, close request button. 
    • This will return all imaging with correctly matching identifiers to the requestor.

For additional options, please see Options when Fulfilling Requests. Additional options can include:

  • Correcting missing or incorrect identifiers
  • Additional imaging from another department such as cardiology, before closing the request