Options when Fulfilling Requests

Options when Fulfilling Requests

March 1, 2022 About & Help 0

Log in to ShareMyXray and click the ‘Requests‘ button on the top row

  • You will see all requests made to you in the ‘Requests to action’ panel
  • The first page gives you the overview of the request, confirmation the requestor has the rights to request this imaging and also the contact information for the request
    • View Contact Info also gives you the option to edit some request details, for more see the FAQs
  • Clicking Next will take you to the Upload page, this is where you will upload the relevant DICOM files for the request. This can be done using the ‘Upload DICOM Files‘ button or dragging and dropping a folder onto this window.
    • A progress bar will display the progress of the upload, once complete it will state the number of files uploaded
    • If you don’t have any relevant images, please click the ‘Close request without images‘ button, more details in the FAQsImaging Upload
  • After uploading the images, click the ‘Check Images‘ button. This will take you to the matching images page, it will display any uploaded images that match the criteria ( see the FAQs)
    • Click the cross on the left to remove images
    • Click the Plus icon to add any attachments ( PDFs, memos etc)
    • If all images for the request are present, click  the ‘Send X studies, close request‘ button to send the images to the requestor and close the request.
    • If there are more images to come, but you’d like to send the current selection click the ‘Send X Studies, keep request open‘ button.

Patient Matching

What is the matching imaging criteria?

The criteria for matching images are as follows:

  • If a NHS number is supplied without a Patient Number, then the NHS number must match the DICOM demographics
  • If a Patient Number is supplied, either:
    • The Patient Number and NHS number must match the DICOM demographics
    • The Patient Number, Patient Name and Patient DoB must match the DICOM Demographics

The request has incorrect identifiers

If the patient number or NHS number for a request is incorrect, you can edit the request to correct these details via the ‘View contact Info‘ button on the first page of a request. Click ‘Update request‘ to save these changes. The changes to the request will be instant allowing you to fulfill with the corrected identifiers straight away.

Closing Requests

Requests can be closed in a number of ways:

  • Send Images – Close Request: This will send the matched images to the requestor and mark the request as fulfilled when viewed in the ‘Requests to action’ panel.
  • Send Images – Keep Request Open: This will send the currently matched images to the requestor and but the request will remain as ‘Request Opened’ when viewed in the ‘Requests to action’ panel.
  • Close Request without images: This will allow you to close the request via the dialog shown below and will mark the appropriate status in the ‘Requests to Action’ panel.