Requesting Imaging from a Hospital or Clinic

Requesting Imaging from a Hospital or Clinic

March 1, 2022 About & Help 0

Data Protection laws in most countries allow patients to request their own imaging. In the UK and the EU specifically, these “GDPR” regulations mean a patient may request in any reasonable format – they’re not obliged to use the hospital’s forms, or accept an unwanted format such as CD or ZIP download.

Requesting through ShareMyXray is ideal for patients because they can request from their phone AND onward send to another clinic or hospital for followup care.

For institutions, ShareMyXray is a GDPR-compliant secure image sharing system, and it’s fully supported. If you’re an institution and have received an imaging request, please see Fulfilling Requests.

Quickstart Requesting

You’ll need an email address for the hospital / clinic – this can be found on your referral letter. Alternatively ask them for the radiology or “PACS team” email address.

Log in to ShareMyXray and click the ‘Requests‘ button on the top row

  • Click ‘Request Imaging‘ button to begin
  • The institution you want to request from might already be on ShareMyXray. Search for them using name, city, or email address.
  • On the search results, click the button to next to the site name. This will start the requesting process.

If the institution is not already on ShareMyXray, we ask you to enter the institution name and contact info. This is so we can invite them to ShareMyXray.

  • Click the ‘Request from new Site’ button
  • Enter the institution details to the best of your knowledge, then click ‘Invite and Request
  • Once invited, you can continue the requesting process
  • In the requesting window, enter patient details
    • Required fields are First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Sex, and Address
    • Patient number nad National ID are not mandatory, but having them helps the hospital find your imaging
    • (for requests between institutions at least one of Patient ID or National ID must be populated)
  • Click Next and review your contact details. This allows the institution to confirm any details directly with you.
  • Confirm you have the rights to request imaging, and for the requested site to contact you.
  • Click ‘Send Request’ to submit the request