Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists

Share radiology easily with any other institution, patient or radiologist.

Best for your institution, and easier for you.



Use Cases

Remote Reporting

Easily send your reporting request along with radiology, clinical request details and relevant priors. The reporting service gets notified automatically, and you’re notified as soon as your report is sent back to you.

Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists

Register yourself then invite your sharing partner through the app. We’ll send an invite link and once they confirm, you’re securely connected for both sending and receiving radiology exams, reports and clinical request details.

Patients and Sports Clinics

Ad-hoc and one-off transfers are easy with a simple 2-step process, making CDs a thing of the past, even to non-radiology / non-clinical users.

Fulfil CD request

Solicitors currently request CDs by letter. Once the request comes in, instead of exporting to CD, you export & upload them to ShareMyXray, and then click on ‘Fulfil CD request’.

Pick the solicitor and the images are sent securely and near-instantly.

No unencrypted patient data. No problems with CD encryption. No postal delays. And less work.

Great for solicitors and expert witnesses alike

Solicitors forward imaging to their expert witness instantly and securely. The expert witness receives the full DICOM dataset, including reports in DICOM SR format, exactly the same data as with a physical CD. This means they can easily import patients into their PACS or reporting workstation. Independent radiologists can of course report using Osirix for Mac or eFilm for Windows.

In detail

After registering your hospital or clinic and logging in, you Connect your firm to hospitals from within the app. For solicitors not yet on ShareMyXray, you can Invite them in-app – we do all the leg-work getting consent, creating their account and making the Connection. Making a Connection is only needed once per solicitor, and they’ll then show up in your list of destinations.

Peace of mind for IT & Data Protection

With no VPNs to support and all transfers securely SSL encrypted to the very latest security spec, your IT department and Data Protection can rest easy.

ShareMyXray handles billing aspects while imaging requests, transfers and all patient-identifiable data are all handled using bbRad by Cypher IT, in full compliance of NHS Information Governance and EU Data Protection law. Here is Cypher IT’s Information Governance (IG) and Security Compliance statement.