ShareMyXray helps you connect with hospitals.  It makes it easy for them to send you imaging and request details, and easy for you to return reports.

Use ShareMyXray to grow your reporting business.



Register & Invite

Invite hospitals through the online portal. We’ll send an invite link and once they confirm, you’re securely connected for receiving exams, request details and returning reports. We train the hospitals how to send their exams and clinical request details.

Prepare Imaging

Your Practice Manager or admin staff get automatically get notified of new studies. They confirm the referral letter and clinical history are included. You then download the details and import into your workstation for reporting.

Remote Reporting

Full DICOM data set with relevant priors and reports, you then analyze and report. Flexible workflow for reporting into your existing RIS/VR. Or report into ShareMyXray and single click to do three steps in one: verify report, return to originator, and notify them.

Secure and GDPR Compliant

ShareMyXray conforms to all Information Governance & Security requirements that you and your customers need. Clear activity reporting with audit trail drill-down included. No hospital-side IT setup or fees means growing your reporting business is easier than ever.