Sharing Imaging with ShareMyXray

1. Ask your clinician for a 'radiology' or 'pacs' email address

It's helpful to tell them in advance to expect your imaging

2. Click the 'Connect' button

Type the name of your local hospital/clinic in the search bar

Searching for Portsmouth based clinics

3. If the local clinic is listed, click 'Connect'

If the clinic isn't listed, Click 'Connect with new Site'

Follow the prompts, using the email address supplied to you by your clinician


4. Select the images you want to share

Click 'Send' and select your local clinic (Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust in this example)


Sending dialog

Security: Although email is used to notify the hospital/clinic of imaging available, your personal data is never sent by email. It is only ever displayed over secure connections once the hospital has logged in.